La Creperie

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La Creperie

La Creperie Restaurant

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La Creperie is the culmination of Cheikh Fady el Khazen as Executive Founder and Managing director and innovator of the fine international cuisine in the Middle-East region. Cheikh Fady el Khazen exceptional vision pairs more than 200 dishes each year with outstanding tastes from around the world. Fresh, seasonal cuisine is impeccably matched to the primary characteristics of wine, apple cider and unique Breton Crepes. Large and small plates are offered for each item on the menu. Using locally available ingredients and imported specialty items.

La Creperie was founded in 1968 by Cheikh Fady el Khazen and later on joined by Cheikh Farouk el Khazen was able to establish itself as the premier French Bistro. Originally, inspired by Breton Crepes neighborhood bistros, award-winning La Creperie offers an authentic International dining experience. La Creperie concept has forged a path in the Middle-Eastern restaurant scene for innovative, yet traditional French cuisine.

We are currently pleased to inform our patrons that La Creperie has entered into a free management with the renowned Sky S.A.L company, which will add up the Sky management skills and expertise, expend and maintain the restaurant as one of the  top restaurants in Lebanon and worldwide.  Please visit the Facebook page

La Creperie restaurant is known worldwide. International magazines and travel guides (such as Discovery Channel: Insight Guide) has described La Creperie restaurant as one of the best in the Middle Eastern Region with a spectacular view and amazing cuisine. La Creperie Restaurant has welcomed since its opening many Celebrities, Presidents, Former Presidents, Ministers, Diplomatic Envoye and Ambassadors such as Alain Delon, Mireille Darc, Chantal Goya, Manita De La Plata, Secretary of State Donna Shalala, special envoye of the President Charles De Gaule, Mister De Lipovski etc.

  • XVIII Century Picturesque Ottoman House
  • Most Splendid view on the Mediteraneen sea, overlooking the bay of Jounieh and the surrounding mountains
  • We serve the most exquisite international cuisine




La Creperie Restaurant Jounieh Lebanon

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La Creperie:

The mission of La Creperie management is to ensure authenticity of the cuisine and architecture. La Creperie was founded in 1968. Our main vision and concept is unique where we act as a gathering point for many families, couples, first dates, anniversaries and important lifetime events! La Creperie  has received prestigious reviews  from international media (including Discovery and Travel channel) and many awards. It has also served many current and past Presidents, head of governments and many worldwide entertainers

"On raconte qu'il y'avait a Rennes dans les debuts du XIXeme siecle, un fabriquant de galettes qui jouissait d'une renommee consacree par les gourmets. Il s'appelait Marie-Charles Helou mais on l'avait baptise du sobriquet de "poganne". Il avait vu le jour en 1780; il s'etait marie avec sa nourrice! Tous deux se donnerent avec enthousiasme a leur negoce. La clientele etait si nombreuse qu'ils avaient du doubler leurs tuiles a galettes, pour satisfaire ceux qui venaient chez eus se regaler de "Pates de Becherel". D'ailleurs, Marie-Charles les trouvait lui-meme fort a son gout car il s'est un jour exclame: "Ah! Vingt gueux! On dirait la Sainte Vierge qui vous penetre dans le gosier en culotte de velours!"


In The News

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In The news:


La Crêperie Kaslik Is Back!

Blog Baladi posted by Najib: Ever since I posted sneak peek pictures of the newly renovated La Crêperie, a lot of people have been asking me about La Crêperie’s official opening date, and whether the menu and venue have changed drastically. Luckily enough, I was among the few invited to check out La Crêperie last Sunday and taste the new menu before the official opening which is scheduled for April 28th, so I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know in this post and show you how awesome the new restaurant is.

For those of you who don’t know La Creperie yet, it’s is one of Lebanon’s most authentic and beautiful restaurants and has been serving great food since 1968. The restaurant is an 18th Century Picturesque Ottoman House that offers a breathtaking view across the Jounieh bay and has welcomed several celebrities, presidents, ministers and diplomats. It’s an ideal place for family gatherings, couples, first dates, romantic dinners and events.

So what’s new at La Crêperie?
La Crêperie’s renovation kicked off almost two years ago and was completed a few weeks back. The main purpose was to ensure authenticity of the architecture and to keep the spirit of the place while reinforcing the worn out walls and foundations. Add to that the beautiful landscaping. To begin with, the restaurant’s entrance and parking lot were both enhanced to fit more cars and you are now greeted by a 1000-year old olive tree set right before La Creperie’s entrance. As you walk into the restaurant, you are surrounded by walls of hanging jasmine flowers that lead right to the restaurant’s terrace and main door.

As soon as you step inside, you notice how spacious the new place has become. The big old wooden bar is now gone and was replaced by an open bar in the middle of the restaurant. The paintings on the ceiling were also removed but the tiles as well as the tables and chairs look almost the same as before. The main room is now connected to all others and there are preserved butterflies displayed in glass frames are all the walls. The old chimney room kept its warm feel and looks amazing now.

20150419_212432 A Walk Down Memory Lane





As far as the balcony is concerned, it’s much wider now and extends to the outdoor terrace and the chimney room on the other end of the house. The old railings were replaced by glass ones and the small tables and chairs by comfy couches and low tables. I have to admit I’m gonna miss the simpler tiny balcony with the small chairs and tables but at least this way, more people will get to enjoy the splendid views across the Jounieh bay. The caves were also revamped and I had a quick look at them but I’m not sure if they will be open next week as well.

Moving on to the most important part which is the food, the menu has few additional items but is very similar to the old one and still has some of the restaurant’s popular dishes (like the poussin desossé, crepe fait maison etc). Speaking of crepes, and this is great news, the same old women who were at Creperie are back and they’re doing the same amazing crepes!

What’s in the menu?
The menu consists of Salads and Appetizers, Pastas, Meat & Chicken, Fish and desserts.

The salads and appetizers include: a nicoise salad, goat-cheese salad, fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, Quinoa halloumi, Chicken Caesar salad, grilled calamari, smoked salmon, frogs a la provencale and bresaola with parmesan. There are 3 types of pastas, the Tagliatelle Alfredo, the Linguine Fruit de Mer and Penne Sauce Tomate. Steaks and Chicken platters include a filet de boeuf, steak frites, cote de boeuf, entrecote, escalope, tartate de boeuf, home-made burger, chicken escalope a la milanaise and a grilled chicken platter. For the sea-food lovers, there’s a seabass platter, grilled salmon, prawns and two mérou platters. Last but not least, the long list of desserts includes the traditional Baba au rhum, Tarte tatin with vanilla icecream, a cheese cake, tiramisu, chocolat fondant, creme brulee, tarte au chocolate, eclair au chocolat, poire belle Helene, salade de fruits, mille-feuille, icecream and sorbets, and the pain perdu.

Here’s what we ordered and some pictures:

Salads And Appetizers:
– Salade Nicoise a la vinaigrette de vin blanc.
– Salade de chevre chaud, sauce balsamique au miel.
– Salade de tomates, Mozzarella fraiche.
– Quinoa au Halloumi, sauce citron.
– Saumon fume ecossais et son toast.

– Filet de boeuf, haricots verts et carottes, pommes puree.
– Cote de boeuf grille pour deux, pommes au four.
– Pave de saumon, pommes rustiques.
– Crepe fait maison (Jambon, Fromage, Champignon)

– Creme brulee aux gousses de vanille.
– Poire Belle Helene.
– 2 Crepe Marron.
– 1 Crepe Chocolat Noir.
– Baba au rhum

As for drinks, we had a Beaujolais-villages 2012 red wine bottle.


Salade Nicoise a la vinaigrette de vin blanc


Quinoa au Halloumi, sauce citron



Crepe fait maison (Jambon, Fromage, Champignon)


Pave de saumon, pommes rustiques.


Cote de boeuf


Crepes in the making.


The famous Crepe Marron (sweet chestnut cream)


Poire Belle Helene.


Creme brulee aux gousses de vanille.

I enjoyed the salads and loved the quinoa. The salmon and mozzarellah were fresh, the steak and vegetables were great, the crepe fait maison was ok, the salmon was good and the desserts were all amazing! I ordered twice the crepe marron (topped with jam) and I highly recommend the Poire Belle Helene! The pain perdu wasn’t available yet so I will try it next time hopefully. All in all, it was a pleasant experience and I loved how simple the food presentation is and how much the new place reminded me of the old one. The new Crêperie has managed to keep the authenticity and originality of the old one with few changes and brought back a lot of memories from the old times.

Price-wise, the menu didn’t have any prices yet but from what I’ve been told, they haven’t change much and the price range will be around 35-50$ per person. La Crêperie will officially open on Tuesday 28th of April 2015. You can contact them on +96171202022. Here’s a link to their [website] and [Instagram] page.




Reviews and Guide

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"Above the coast road, on a rocky outcrop, is the excellent restaurant, La Creperie, with spectacular views from the terrace across the Bay of Jounie."

"Creperie Kaslik Tel: (09) 912-491, (09) 914-886
Jounie is awash with restaurants, but most are awful. The exception is La Creperie, housed in a classically beautiful Ottoman house with superb views across the bay offered by its position atop a small cliff. The service is immaculate, with penguin-attired waiters and waitresses. It serves great steaks and wines, as well as Lebanese dishes, but is worth a visit just for the view." Source: Explore Your World : The Discovery Channel.

"La Creperie, Kaslik (on the right as you begin to descend into Jounieh) Set in a beautiful Ottoman period building with wonderful views out over the bay of Jounieh. As the name would suggest , crepes (sweet or savoury) are the house speciality here, though they also serve raclette (actually jacket potatoes with melted cheese), steaks, sea food, salads and various dishes."  Source: Lebanon Handbook by Ivan Mannheim


Memory: New Year Eve 2011 At La Creperie

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Thank You for Celebrating the New Year Eve 2011 at La Creperie. It was an amazing Night!Hope a lot of nice surprises for 2011

  • Live DJ and Special show from the Scottish Band CELIDH Â
  • Performance from the Legendary Entertainer TONY COOGAN exclusively for this event in Lebanon La Creperie
  • The best location for viewing the fireworks and Enjoying the Bay of Jounieh
  • Four-course dinner, Open Bar and special party favors at midnight
    • Farandole de Crevettes Sauce Homard  Julienne de LegumesÂ
    • Fricassee de Saint Jacques sur Lit de Salades
    • Medaillons de Veau au Poivre Vert, Pommes  Duchesse, Haricots Verts
    • Mont Blanc en Tarte
    • Sahlab apres minuit
    • Open Bar